Facilities & Sanitation, Jorge Ortiz & Alex Lazaro

At the Mattson Innovation Center, where food and beverage strategy comes to life on lab benchtops, in pilot plants, and people are tasting protocepts everywhere, food safety and building sanitation go hand in hand. The COVID pandemic made safety even more critical. Meet the team that got us through it unscathed.

George Ortiz and Alex Lazaro are the awesome Mattson sanitation team. In normal times this means they keep our product developers developing by making sure they’ve got dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and smallwares when and where they need them.

They also help maintain the facility, so their jobs ramped up considerably as our team came back to the Innovation Center, with new sanitizing procedures (along with masking and social distancing) put in place to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

Both hail from the Mexican state of Michoacan, and when they’re not keeping things moving at Mattson, they’re gardening together outside, growing corn, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and more.

Jorge and Alex also enjoy feeding the employee-owners at Mattson, with famous specialities like Waffle Wednesdays (with bacon!), a killer daily salad bar (coming back soon!), Jorge’s baked salmon, and Alex’s mom’s tamales.

With positivity, smiles, and hustle, the team is the epitome of one of our company values: we make it happen. It’s also why they’re among the most beloved and important members of our employee-owner team. Simply put, we couldn’t do our jobs without them.

Left to Right: George Ortiz, Alex Lazaro