From Fuzzy Front End to Focused Food Strategy

Innovators often talk about navigating the “fuzzy front end,” seeking to identify the things consumers will someday need or want…yet don’t know they need or want. But how do we find — and importantly, deliver on — these things?

At Mattson, we believe in making the fuzzy more focused in the same way eye doctors do: by viewing future opportunities through clarifying lenses.

One important lens is that of consumer shifts based on social, technological, environmental, economic, or political forces. Equally important are the equities your brand brings. We help identify where those equities can most powerfully and defensibly be extended. And finally the company lens: what your company does better than anyone else. Perhaps it’s unique IP. Or a deep customer relationship. Or a particularly efficient manufacturing platform.

At Mattson, our strategists bring all of this together to create a roadmap for your company, brand, or new product needs.  Our strategy focuses your future with specific growth opportunities that are crystal clear.

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