How 45 Years of Collaboration Translates to Agility & Success!

We’re Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary

Why, thank you for saying we don’t LOOK forty-five! 

That’s because we keep ourselves fresh, with industry engagement, new clients that make us challenge our assumptions, and internal and external continuing education to keep our skills sharp. Not to mention a constant stream of youthful interns who bring an exuberance that marries well with our experience.

And then there’s the fun. From karaoke to costume contests to crafting to beer and wine-tasting, we believe that playing together makes working together more efficient, agile, and fun! And when work feels like fun, long days and hard challenges don’t feel quite as much so.

Our unique point of difference is teams that have worked together longer (in many cases, multiple decades) and perform better than those that haven’t. But most importantly, the shared success of our work makes us even more effortlessly collaborative, which leads to more in-market success.

We are so proud of our team of passionate employee-owners, who have collaborated to develop and launch thousands of new products into the retail, foodservice, and ingredient marketplaces over 45 years of serving our amazing clients.


We get better together.
We make it happen.
We WOW our clients.

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