Mattson Client Success Story: Agro Power Jerky




The entrepreneurial team of Jordan Silbert and Ben Karlin came to Mattson with an idea for a line of plant-based jerky that focused on delivering two aggressive (get it?!) benefits; protein equal to, and lower sodium than beef jerky. Without compromising on flavor, of course.



We worked to provide insights to the Agro team via consumer testing that helped define product design, positioning, graphics and claims. Mattson developed a unique manufacturing process for delivering a differentiated product in 4 delicious flavors. We conducted a contract manufacturing search for them and supported scale-up optimization for potential partners to vet manufacturing capabilities to deliver the unique product texture.  Mattson also helped confirm protein quality through testing to validate the level of protein they could claim.



We were able to help Jordan, Ben, and Jack Agro prepare for launch into the marketplace in late 2023. Agro Power Jerky delivers 10 g protein/serving and 40% less sodium than leading beef jerky.


A few words from our clients and jerky farmer Jack Agro:

“We launched at Safeway and Albertsons stores in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. We are very excited that we secured a rollout in a major national grocer right at launch. We have focused on achieving success in these stores and are pleased with our performance so far. Outside of Albertsons, we are launching at Central Market in Texas now, and are gearing up for DSD trials in key urban markets that fit well for our brand.”

Jordan, Ben, and Jack


“Mattson fielded an exceptional team to work on our project, but what Jordan and I appreciated most was the fact that everyone at Mattson was deeply and intrinsically motivated to deliver an awesome product.”

–  Ben Karlin, Agro Founder