Thinking Bigger & Faster: Using Generative AI to Expand Your Food Horizons

We invite you to watch a presentation previewed among an exclusive circle of global food industry leaders who gathered in November, 2023 at the prestigious Food Lab at Google meeting in Seattle.

This video is full of groundbreaking AI insights shared by Steve Gundrum, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Mattson. As an original member of the Food Lab at Google for over 12 years, Steve was asked by Google to present his experiences and insights about how AI can be leveraged for food and beverage innovation.

Usually limited to invitation-only guests, Google has graciously made his 45-minute presentation available to the public on YouTube. Titled “Thinking Bigger & Faster: Using Generative AI to Expand Your Food Horizons,” Steve’s talk demonstrates the limitless potential of AI in shaping the future of food.

After watching, if you’re interested in how AI can revolutionize the future of your food and beverage products, reach out to us directly to learn about Mattson’s enhanced AI innovation capabilities. Our team is ready to guide you through our signature applications for food innovation.

Keep an eye on our announcements for further insights into our AI services and how they can benefit your business.

Watch the Presentation Now – Expand your thinking and opportunities with AI.