What do Cheetos, Cheerios, and plant-based chicken nuggets have in common?

Yup, you guessed it. Each of these leverages extrusion to enable signature products. And now we can help YOU conceptualize, consumer-test, and create plant-based meats, protein crisps, puffed snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, and more.

Having an in-house bench scale extruder allows us to do small extrusion trials, even when clients have limited supply of their novel ingredients, which is a common challenge at Mattson, given our roster of food tech startups.

Having an extruder in our Innovation Center allows us to texturize proteins, and in the same day, begin iterative bench development of the final product, whether that’s an alternative burger, chicken, jerky, or snack form, leveraging the Mattson magic of making technically challenging foods taste like craveable homemade favorites.

We’ll be offering extrusion expertise in combination with our other suite of innovation services.

Interested in talking extrusion? Email us to schedule a consultation.