Food Studio AI:
Experience Innovation in action at Mattson HQ Ideas turned into real food form – in just a day.

Food Studio AI brings together the creative forces of our clients and Mattson’s top ideators in a highly in-person, hands-on, collaborative environment transforming ideas into tangible food forms right before your eyes. It’s an immersive ideation experience like no other. In a day, we go from white space to ideas in real-food form.

Your ideas benefit from AI enhanced creativity to help you to quickly turn your ideas into a real product!

When we are working together side-by-side in the Food Studio, you’ll combine your team’s creativity with our 45+ years of formulation & culinary expertise to create ideas in real-food form that redefine how new product ideas are created. Then, add a layer of AI and you’ve got instant insights into the best of culinary insights, food science innovation, and consumer behavior as you are creating ideas and you’ve got a powerful lens to help you spot unique new ideas.

As these ideas, now in real-food form, are presented to everyone in the Food Studio, each benefits from an immediate peer feedback loop that accelerates the refinement of ideas. The path from concept to reality is smoother and quicker than ever before.


Join us in harnessing the future today as we are revolutionizing innovation with the powerful combination of Real and Artificial Intelligence. We are continuously evolving with the latest AI advancements to ensure the AI enriched creative process remains at the cutting edge.

Choose what is best for you, with ProtoThink™ AI or Food Studio AI. Put the power of RI+AI to work for you to keep your pipeline full of new product ideas.