A revolutionary way to create

exciting Limited Time Offers

Menu excitement is an unending revenue-driving force.

It requires a pipeline that is constantly full of compelling products that will bring new users to your brand, increase check averages, and increase frequency of use.


We start by enabling your best creative team to collaborate with the entire Mattson creative team via ProtoThink™ cloud ideation process.

Leverage the best of our company and yours to identify up to 100 potential LTOs. Creativity is unleashed by the power of the people, capabilities, and know-how, culinary, food science, category knowledge, plus emerging consumer behavior and needs.


Next, we move into the Mattson Food Studio.™ We’ll quickly turn the best of the ideas into real food, leveraging the collective depth of culinary, operations, ingredients, and development experience.

The result is exciting proof-of-concept LTOs.

Ensure you are investing your time and resources on the LTOS with the strongest potential.

LTOiQ™ – A Mattson industry exclusive

Coming out of the Food Studio,™ together we score the LTOs across a range of marketplace success criteria. Our proprietary LTOiQ™ algorithm will help you to select those products to develop, test and potentially add to your LTOs launch calendar.