I grew up in the back of a Chinese restaurant owned by my neighbors, playing hide-and-seek in the kitchen and banquet rooms. I don’t remember a time before the restaurant, which explains my obsession. These days I love exploring food through travel. A few memorable bites: a banquet at a private restaurant in Beijing, the mind-blowing prix fixe meal at Oaxen Krog in Sweden, dinner in a wine cave in a castle in Italy’s Piedmont, and a bag of Combos at Machu Picchu after a long day of hiking. My vision of the future of food, especially as it relates to how we will feed the growing world population with limited and challenged resources is using technology to do so, whether it’s old tech like farming practices that regenerate the soil, or new tech to cultivate animal protein from cells.

Want my attention? Bribe me with homegrown tomatoes. I’m a sucker.