Every Friday night, my whole family including cousins, uncles, and aunties gathered at my PoPo’s (grandma) house to eat homemade Cantonese soups and dishes she spent the whole day making. After dinner, we would watch TGIF or a movie, laughing and eating sliced fruit together. Through this weekly tradition, my PoPo taught me that food, family, and love are all related, which set me off on a career path working with food in all its delicious forms!

Besides the joys of eating, I love exploring and understanding how we all interact with food, our culture, community, and the environment. I dream of a world where we all have access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable foods. On weekends, you can find me staying active and spending time with loved ones trying to recreate those early memories that PoPo shaped me with. Current activities include paddle boarding, fishing, and paddle board fishing!