I was born in Taipei, Taiwan of aboriginal Taiwanese and Taishanese Chinese descent.  Taiwan’s food culture was heavily influenced by cuisines from Japan, Malaysia and Fujian province of China, so I was introduced to fusion flavors at an early age.  I have always enjoyed discovering new innovative approaches to traditional cuisines, whether it’s from a food stand at a night market or helping my mom and grandma prepare a family meal.  This is a photo of my recent trip to Taiwan enjoying a Taiwanese-style tonkatsu dish – Yum!

I enjoy bold flavors.  One of my favorite dishes is stinky fermented tofu.  Don’t let the word “stinky” deter you!  While it’s got a strong aroma, the flavor is quite mild with a nice blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavors.  I enjoy it with a side of pickled cabbage and lots of spicy sauce.

When I am not cooking or eating, you can find me enjoying a live performance or taking a hip-hop dance class at my favorite dance studio.